Who Am I? I'm not so sure. I know who I'm not. And that's enough for me.

I tend to behave like a Cat Girl child who was raised by Wild Wolves.

I know I like animals. And spanish. and sugar. I love babies and beaches. And Hair. And musicals. And Music.

I'm an afro-Latina. Proudly Puertorriqueña. Boldly Black. Simply beautiful. in my own lil way =]
I'm also a sister/daughter/friend. I'm an enemy to that which isn't for Life.

I am Feminine, not weak. Young, not immature. Ethnic, not exotic. Woman, not subservient.

I'm a lover. But i got some fight.

I love black. I love green. I bleed Red.

This spot should be as random as my life. And reflect some of the things I think/see/admire/whatever.

I read. I write. I'm Passionate. I'm humble. Lets Tumbl----
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